Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ah, Home at Last

Doesn't it always feel great to come home? I say this like we've been gone for weeks on end. But we really had a great trip and I would even consider taking the girls to Chicago again. I'm sure we only experienced a small portion of what Chicago has to offer. I would think the girls would love Shedd's so that may be our next goal. Part of the attraction of Chicago is that one of my very best friends, Angela, lives in Chicago and I rarely get to see her. She has a little boy named Jackson (who would be adopted by me in a heartbeat and not just because he is named after a President!). She probably won't part with him though. :( Anyway I digress, it's great to spend time with her and her precious family. Thanks Ang for being our Chicago tour guide and for the wonderful breakfast this morning! We toured Millenium Park today and the girls had fun with the "Chicago Bean" (see pictures). Well I am off to unpack - why doesn't that even sound like fun? Maybe the Garrett's carmel corn we brought home will ease the pain! Yum...


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