Saturday, January 3, 2009

Chicago Day 2

I am exhausted. It is mentally exhausting watching three children in throngs of people. I probably freaked out 10 times today because one of my children was not connected to my hip as they had been instructed, no threatened, many times already. Navy Pier was a madhouse today. I hope the girls can look back on today and say they had fun because I felt like I was the wicked witch, constantly nagging and telling them what could possibly happen if they walked away from me. We started at the children's museum which was great - thanks to all you who recommended it! We had lunch along with 500 of our closest fellow tourists in the food court. Then we ventured into the Winter Fun Fest. Very cool, but very busy. I guess going the last weekend wasn't as great an idea as it sounded. Well I am headed to the gym to work off some steam so maybe I won't unleash it on the girls! I will leave you with a couple of pix from today!


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