Saturday, January 10, 2009

My momma said...

My momma said "what goes around comes around." Referring to what I put her through as a child. I was highly emotional and anxious. I was quiet, moody, sentimental, nervous and fearful. I constantly had stomach aches. I was a good student and a people pleaser. I was heartbroken if I got a B. Seriously. A few of these traits I still carry with me today, but college life broke me of most of them.

Well meet me, 24 years oldest daughter Madison. She frustrates me in ways I never knew a person could. I want her to not be like I was. Some of those qualities are great in small doses, but to see what my mother must have gone through...well thanks mom for dealing me through those years.


Anonymous said...

You could not be more right..She is you completely..Lack of confidence, unsure of herself, but also loving and smart...You and she are worth it, love mom

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