Wednesday, January 14, 2009


We went to Chicago a couple weeks ago and attended Winter Fun Fest at Navy Pier. There were these huge blow up, bouncy things for the kids to do. One was a huge mountain that you climbed stairs to reach the top, then hung for a second before letting go and sliding down on your belly. Seemingly safe, innocent looking and fun...

Until Kennedy took a turn. After doing this, she complained her knee hurt. It looked a little red, like a rug burn maybe (apparently her pant leg rode up and she was bare legged on the slide down). Well it's been two weeks and this knee is still a trauma. It is constantly breaking back open and causing pain. She can't walk right, had trouble in gymnastics the other night and yesterday she fell in gym class on her knee and blood started gushing. I finally have her convinced that band-aids are not evil and after she is asleep I try to add some triple antibiotic ointment. Anyone have any other tips to make this heal faster?


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