Friday, January 16, 2009

Snow Day

"Yeah" my kids cheered a snow day! I don't usually work on Fridays so I'm home anyway - not much disruption to my schedule. So I am with them "yeah" a snow day! It's nice after a hectic week to have a "stay at home" day. I can catch up on things that I have put off all week. Friday night is also "card night". We play cards at my house every Friday complete with a big meal and everything. Neighborhood kids even know Fridays are card night and show up just for the food! We started this card night tradition for my Grandma Knight. We wanted to spend time with her on a consistent basis and cards helped keep her mind sharp...or at least kept her awake for a few hours! We still play in honor of Grandma Knight even though she passed away this past November. Her best friend Lois still plays with us too. So I'm off to figure out what to cook and I may grab my camera and take a drive - it's beautiful this morning with snow covering everything. Enjoy the beauty around you!


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