Friday, February 27, 2009

The H2O Project

With the beginning of Lent, I encourage you all to join this cause. From now until Easter, drink only water. The money you would have spent on pop you donate to them to help provide clean drinking water, drill wells etc. Get more info at and join me help these children!
(The picture was provided by Living Water International.)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Even in these trying economic times we have much to be thankful for:
  • a freedom to worship our God
  • a family
  • friends
  • a heart capable of loving
  • caring neighbors
  • prayer
  • hope
  • faith
  • love
  • grace
  • mercy
  • a faithful God
  • the price Jesus paid for us

So even if you can't buy the latest __________ or the newest ________. You are rich and have much to be thankful for.
"Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal." Matthew 6:19
"And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What my church means to me...

I have attended the Otsego United Methodist Church since I was a young girl. I grew up in this church. A lot of people who have come through those church doors made an impact on my life. I have fond memories of vacation bible school, youth group leaders and sunday school teachers. I made lifelong friends. I married my husband in this church and all three of my daughters were baptized in this church. Those are memories to be treasured. My grandma Knight was a lifelong member and was in a pew every sunday. Many of her birthdays were celebrated here and her funeral was held in this church. My mother was married in this church also. So what does my church mean to me: love, faith, hope, friends, family, worship, praise, power, goodness, peace and treasured memories. What more can you ask of a church?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Grandma Lang

Chuck's Grandma Lang lives in Centreville and we don't get down her way often enough. This past Sunday we went to her house and celebrated her 88th birthday with her. Most of the family showed up and her caregivers were also there. She has some wonderful providers who truly care for her. What a blessing they are! Grandma looked good and enjoyed her party. The girls were very happy to see her and we need to make a real effort in the coming months to make more visits. Besides we always take the Covered Bridge Road to get to her house - leave it to me to know all the photo ops from here to there!

Monday, February 23, 2009


Who doesn't love weddings? I know "I do"! These pictures are from my cousin Tifany's wedding. Actually they were married and had a photographer take pictures and were completely unhappy with them. So they got all dressed up again and we went to the Celery Flats and I took their wedding pictures. We had a great time and they loved the pictures. It always helps to have good chemistry with your photographer! Plus the grounds at the Celery Flats are so beautiful, you really can't go wrong.

One of my favorite couples from church are renewing their vows in April. They were married in a civil service and have longed for a church wedding. They asked me yesterday in church to take pictures at their wedding. Blow me away! I am so excited. They also have three beautiful daughters so we relate alot!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Layton's Mill Pond

This old mill has always held my fascination. I photograph it a lot. Something about the texture of the old wood, the smoothness of the water and the fullness of the foliage. There is so much to take in. I especially love this shot with the crooked fence. I have a tendancy to really zoom in on the details, but sometimes a shot like this, taking it all in, is what works. This shot was taken with black and white film, developed in the dark room and scanned into my computer. Technology is great but there is nothing better than true black and white film!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Photo Class

Well my photo assignment this week was to photograph love, valentine's or sweets. So here are my submissions. You know comments are welcome...I don't bite! Just click on "COMMENT" at the end of the post and leave me a message!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hearts At Home

For the past two years I have attended the Hearts At Home conference at the Amway Grand Hotel in Grand Rapids. This is a christian mothers organization for stay-at-home moms and working moms (so that means ALL MOMS!). I have to say these conferences are life changing. It is so empowering to be in a room with 2000 christian mothers, worshiping our God and learning to be better mothers, wives and servants. The speakers are down to earth, funny and inspiring. The music is powerful. The skits are hilarious. Please consider attending this year. The dates are October 2-3. I have already registered and reserved my room at the Amway Grand. If you are interested in rooming with me let me know! You will not regret attending this event.

For more information go to

Pentwater Itch

Oh I am starting to get the Pentwater Itch. Is it July yet? Can we go camping yet? There is nothing better than a Lake Michigan sunset! During this past short heat wave we experienced, Kennedy came up to her daddy and said "We need to make a campfire and sleep in the motorhome tonight". Daddy was nicer with a redirecting answer and mommy said "not on your life it still gets cold at night." But I understand, she has the itch to. Well until Pentwater, enjoy this Lake Michigan sunset from Pentwater last year......aaaahhhhh.

Monday, February 16, 2009


I'm guessing you have never seen sisters quite like this before! These are two of our good sports from last nights Otsego United Methodist Church Valentine's Banquet. This is our largest fellowship event of the year and somehow someone got me to agree to host this event. But everything went very well last night and our entertainment was the big hit! Thanks to Leigh Larson our speaker (, Fred Jacobs and Kathy Bailey for sharing their God-given music talents, Stephen Sisson and Isaac Pratt for their willingness to parttake in the insanity shown above. Also thanks to our good sports who played Spouseology - Kirk and Cindy Jubenville, Fritz and Linda Spreitzer and Phil and Josie Pape. Special thanks to Becky Bohl for the delicious cookies! Thanks to Chuck and Cheryl Buchino for all your help! Thank you to all the couples who came to the event and I pray God will bless your marriages this year.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The News Only Gives BAD News

I don't watch much TV and I am rarely awake to watch the evening news. I have seen the news enough to know that there is rarely any good news on the news. This picture is from the Carriage Green Apartments in Kalamazoo which sustained major fire damage recently. Many people lost all their possessions and their home in the blink of an eye. Yesterday a plane crashed in New York directly into a house in a subdivision. The highest rates of unemployment...the housing market...the stock market...cancer...accidents...robbery...murder...
For a very short time after the pilot landed the plane in the Hudson the news glorified GOOD news. It was refreshing. People spoke of miracles and God and blessings and mercy.
Mark 16:15 states "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation." If we want to impact the lives of others and show others about Christian love we must tell others of the good news and the miracles, blessings and mercy of our God.
Please share today a tidbit of GOOD news.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Read what I Read and Fairy Tales

Today I want to share with you two posts that I regularly read. Both of these women are Christian women who serve in ministry to moms. Both of these posts were so good today I just had to share.

The theme for my photo class this week was "Fairy Tale". So here are my submissions.

Sleeping Beauty took a bite of the poisonous apple.

Sleeping Beauty was awaken by the kiss from her knight in shining armor.

Cinderella trying on the slipper.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Praise You In This Storm

I am a huge fan of Christian music so today I am sharing with you the lyrics to one of my favorite Casting Crowns songs. I hope it encourages you today.

I was sure by now
That You would have reached down
And wiped our tears away
Stepped in and saved the day
But once again, I say "Amen",
and it's still raining
As the thunder rolls
I barely hear Your whisper through the rain
"I'm with you"
And as Your mercy falls
I raise my hands and praise the God who gives
And takes away
I'll praise You in this storm
And I will lift my hands
For You are who You are
No matter where I am
Every tear I've cried
You hold in Your hand
You never left my side
And though my heart is torn
I will praise You in this storm
I remember when
I stumbled in the wind
You heard my cry
You raised me up again
My strength is almost gone
How can I carry on
If I can't find You
As the thunder rolls
I barely hear You whisper through the rain
"I'm with you"
And as Your mercy falls
I raise my hands and praise the God who gives
And takes away
I lift my eyes unto the hills
Where does my help come from?
My help comes from the Lord
The Maker of Heaven and Earth

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Weekend to Remember

Today I am going to promote a marriage conference put on by Family Life called a Weekend to Remember. Chuck and I attended this conference last year and had a great weekend. It is held at the Radisson Hotel in Kalamazoo the weekend of April 17th - 19th. It was great to take one weekend and focus just on Chuck and Tera! We even splurged and stayed at the Radisson (they discount the rooms to around $100 for conference attendees). We were 20 minutes from home but we felt like we were on vacation. We are not being paid for our "advertising" but we feel very strongly that it is important to take time, focus on your marriage and learn a little something about each other. I cannot count how many marriages have failed of loved ones and friends. The hustle and bustle of life robs marriages. So check out this conference. I have more info at the following link Chuck and I have already registered and would love to see you there.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kingdom Kids

I am very excited that this weekend is the kick-off of the new youth group at the Otsego United Methodist Church called Kingdom Kids. It is for all children from pre-school to 5th grade. Our first meeting will be Sunday from 1-3. We are having a pizza party and we will be focusing on God's Love and Loving Others.
This youth group is even more exciting for me because two of my cousins who also grew up in this church are organizing it with me. We always took part in youth groups at OUMC when we were growing up and we are excited to get the young kids involved again.
This group is not exclusive to children who attend OUMC, it is open to all children in this age group. We would love to make new friends too!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Last night was Madison's 3rd grade play entitled "Lemonade". She was part of the chorus. All the kids did an excellent job. Madison was nervous, but she did awesome. The premise of the program was that even fairy tale characters have a rough time and when life gives you lemons...make lemonade. I'm proud of all the 3rd graders at Dix St, but especially proud of a certain chorus member in a brown and green dress. Way to go Madi!


Hit rewind on the movie of my life to October of 2003 and this little peanut was the queen of the castle. Kennedy was almost 5 months old when this picture was taken. That child was fearless and the complete opposite of Madison. She was our "boy". She loved to be active and never sat still. She could care less about coloring or sitting still to read a book. This child was addicted to a pacifier and the Easter Bunny finally had to take them away in exchange for some extra loot. I know it's cruel to make the Easter Bunny be the bad guy! (Santa had to take Madison's bottles and left sippy cups - so the Easter Bunny has not always had to do all the bad jobs). Have you ever pawned off being the parent/bad guy? I'd love to hear your stories!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

No pictures please

Well I have neglected my blogging duties, but we have been passing around all kinds of lovely stuff at my house. Last week was strep and this week is the flu. I haven't been to work in over a week. Ugh! I don't even want to see my desk.

Well to update you Madison's basketball team lost their game on Satuday 16-13. It was a great game.

Kennedy has been taking gymnastics and gets to move up a level starting next week, on Wednesdays with everything else.

Madison's 3rd grade play/musical is this Thursday evening at 7:00. We'd love to have you join us!

It's almost time to sell Girl Scout cookies! Valentine's Day is the day we officially start selling them, so start thinking about cookies, cookies and more cookies!