Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Log Road Motocross

Over the weekend my sports photography class went to Bronson, Michigan to shoot some fast action at the Log Road Motocross. This first sequence of pictures will be the reason my three girls will never have dirt bikes...

Enough said! This was a 9-13 year old class. There were three boys injured in this crash. During the prayer before the event started two boys were prayed for that were seriously injured this past season at this track, one is paralyzed from the waist down the other has brain trauma, so when these boys went down, the momma in me kicked in. Tears filled my eyes and I had to look away as they were crying and screaming in pain. Of course it seemed like for ever for the emergency crew to get there and they were laying right in front of me. Talk about feeling helpless. This story has a happy ending though, other than a possible broken wrist all three boys walked away.

...a couple more fun shots...


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